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Season 3 is here! Come on in and talk about it!

Next please! Hey all! Welcome to the America's Got Talent community! This show is a modern spin on the classic game show of yesterday "The Gong Show". The second season is extremely entertaining much better than first however there are a lot of acts I miss from first season. But I love the new twist with Jerry Springer as host, and Sharon Osbourne as a judge.

Love the show? Love to hate the show? This place is for you, to discuss acts, judges and whatever you like.

I think it would be fun to maybe have some contests we could vote on things with the infamous X's. We shall see as the community grows.

Did you know that there was also a "Britain's Got Talent" show? Thanks to youtube
I saw some of the clips with Simon and Piers as judges.

I don't think I have to tell you to please be nice to one another. We all have different opinions and that's alright just make sure to disagree not attack. There's a fine line between "I disagree with you" and "you're an idiot". So please be nice and not flame one another. Thank you.