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This is Sparta!


I just got around to watching the episodes of AGT that I taped earlier this week and I just have to say, as much as I enjoy many of the singers on the show this year it's Nuttin' But Stringz for the win.
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i missed it last week
did the half girl/guy opera singer make it through or did he get booted?

Got booted. Shequida tried to do an opera performance of "I Will Survive" but it was so high pitched you couldn't really understand what he was saying.
omg i wonder if that is on youtube
i would love to see that
it's a pretty clever act going from female to male voice
Her and Leonid oughta team up
I loved Leonid, wished he would come back this year
I loved Leonid too. He was one of my favorite acts that has ever been on the show. Everything he did was so unique.